Shoe Recommendations For People With Plantar Fasciitis

All of this does not mean that some individuals with extremely rigid or mobile feet might not benefit from some tailored shoe advice, as studies do suggest that individuals with extremely flat or rigid arches do seem to suffer different types of injuries. However, it does suggest that the wet-footprint test as a general tool for assigning shoes should be put to rest. At the very least, methods that provide clinically relevant measures of arch deformation dynamically and simply and without a requirement for expensive gait analysis equipment that is rarely found in a shoe store should be investigated (e.g., the 2-D method described by Bencke et al. ).

Pes Cavus is caused by muscle imbalances in the lower leg and foot that draws the front of the foot, or sometimes draws the heel downward, making the arch higher than normal. It usually begins during childhood and may be associated with neurological conditions such as muscular dystrophy or spina bifida, but not always. In many cases the muscles of the feet become tighter or weaker for unknown reasons. As with many medical conditions, genetics play a role in who will become afflicted with high arches. Most cases of plantar fasciitis can be successfully treated with more conservative options with surgery considered only if all other treatment options have failed.

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If you don’t know your foot type, perform this simple test at home. Simply wet the bottom of your foot and step on a piece of paper. The resulting mark highlights your foot type. A footprint mark that shows just your heel, the ball of your foot and a thin line on the outside of your foot means you have a high arch. If your mark shows almost the entire foot, you have flat feet. A mark that shows half of your arch indicates a “normal” foot. If you pronate normally, you can most likely wear any type of shoe. Neutral cushioning and stability are a plus in any case.

Cavus foot is a condition involving an abnormally high arch in the foot. When walking or standing, this condition places more weight than normal on the ball and heel of your foot, causing pain and instability, among other symptoms. Cavus foot equally affects individuals of all ages, from all backgrounds, and can appear in either or both of your feet. High-arched feet are less common than flat feet but are more likely to cause pain and other problems. 4.) Supports for insertion into shoes can be helpful to add some shock absorption and padding, make sure you’ve got room. You can velcro them in the heels to prevent sliding.

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